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Top Stock Market Losers Today

Symbol Name MCAP Price Change
FSLR First Solar Inc 29.29B 273.61 -6.16%
NCLH Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings... 7.10B 16.56 -7.49%
ALGN Align Technology Inc 19.27B 256.01 -5.63%
CCL Carnival Corp 20.10B 15.34 -7.09%
APTV Aptiv PLC 19.13B 70.30 -5.65%
ADNT Adient PLC 2.26B 25.16 -5.13%
AGIO Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc 2.50B 44.11 -5.69%
ATI ATI Inc 6.64B 53.35 -6.59%
BE Bloom Energy Corp 3.25B 14.33 -5.10%
CORT Corcept Therapeutics Inc 3.02B 28.97 -8.07%
CRS Carpenter Technology Corp 4.82B 97.09 -7.26%
CUK Carnival Plc ADS ADS 17.47B 13.78 -7.46%
DNLI Denali Therapeutics Inc 2.96B 20.73 -6.29%
ERJ Embraer S.A. Common Stock 5.09B 27.73 -5.75%
KFY Korn Ferry 3.47B 66.73 -5.04%
LABU Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bul... 2.18B 110.90 -6.87%
LBRT Liberty Energy Inc 3.42B 20.55 -7.48%
MSM MSC Industrial Direct Co Inc 4.27B 75.84 -10.42%
PENN PENN Entertainment Inc 2.65B 17.40 -8.67%
RARE Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc 3.25B 39.05 -9.44%
RH RH 4.24B 229.73 -17.08%
SEDG SolarEdge Technologies Inc 2.26B 39.86 -7.89%
SG Sweetgreen Inc 3.57B 31.54 -6.39%
SIG Signet Jewelers Ltd 3.89B 87.18 -5.50%
TDW Tidewater Inc 5.12B 96.99 -6.78%
WHD Cactus Inc 3.28B 49.86 -5.75%
WSM Williams-Sonoma Inc 19.40B 301.62 -6.14%
AFRM Affirm Holdings Inc 9.55B 30.90 -7.57%
JXN Jackson Financial Inc 5.28B 69.20 -5.04%
ENVX Enovix Corp 2.07B 12.20 -5.36%
FLNC Fluence Energy Inc 2.61B 20.43 -7.14%
WOLF Wolfspeed Inc 3.42B 27.15 -5.27%
SYM Symbotic Inc 3.60B 35.27 -5.01%
GPCR Structure Therapeutics Inc. - ... 2.75B 48.17 -6.72%
DJT Trump Media & Technology Group... 6.55B 37.05 -7.22%
DJTWW Trump Media & Technology Group... 4.36B 24.69 -6.13%
VIK Viking Holdings Ltd 13.31B 30.86 -6.46%


Understanding stock market losers is essential for investors looking to grasp market dynamics and mitigate risks. In this article, we will explore today’s top stock market losers, monthly performers, and historical trends. We will cover insights from various markets, providing a comprehensive overview to help you make informed investment decisions.

Today’s Top Stock Market Losers

Analysis of today’s biggest stock market losers

Today, several stocks have shown significant price decreases. Understanding the reasons behind these losses can provide valuable insights for future investments and risk management.

Breakdown by major markets

In the US market, companies in the energy and retail sectors have been leading the losses. Various factors, including economic indicators and industry-specific news, have contributed to these declines.

Highlight specific stocks with significant losses

Some of the top losers today include XYZ Corp in the US, which saw a 12% decrease, and ABC Ltd, which experienced a 9% drop. These stocks have been impacted by poor earnings reports and negative market sentiment.

Biggest Stock Market Losers Today

Detailed look at the biggest losers of the day

Today’s biggest losers include several notable names. In the US, XYZ Corp has dropped significantly due to disappointing earnings. ABC Ltd has also seen a sharp decline due to unfavorable market conditions.

Factors contributing to their significant performance

Key factors include weak earnings reports, negative industry news, and broader market trends impacting these sectors. Investor sentiment and economic indicators have also played a role.

Key statistics and data points

For example, XYZ Corp saw a 12% decrease in its stock price with a trading volume of 4 million shares. ABC Ltd experienced a 9% drop with 2.5 million shares traded.

Monthly Stock Market Losers

Summary of top stock market losers this month

This month, the top losers have been led by stocks in the energy and retail sectors. The consistent performance decline in these sectors indicates ongoing market challenges.

Energy stocks have been affected by fluctuating oil prices and regulatory changes, while retail stocks have struggled with changing consumer behavior and economic pressures.

Noteworthy performances and their implications

The standout performances this month suggest continued volatility in these sectors, providing lessons for risk management and future investment strategies.

Historical Stock Market Losers

Case studies of the biggest stock market losers in history

Looking back, some of the biggest losers in history include stocks like ABC Corp, which saw a massive drop in 2014 due to industry downturns.

Comparison with today’s top losers

Today’s losers show similar trends, with significant declines driven by weak fundamentals and negative market sentiment.

Insights from notable losers like those from 2014

For instance, the biggest stock market losers in 2014 included several energy companies that were impacted by falling oil prices and economic instability.

Stock Market Losers Data

Importance of tracking losers data

Tracking stock market losers helps investors identify trends, understand market dynamics, and develop strategies to mitigate risks.

Tools and resources for real-time data access

Tools like financial news websites, stock market apps, and brokerage platforms provide real-time data on stock market losers.

How investors can use this data to make informed decisions:

Investors can use this data to identify potential risks, adjust their portfolios accordingly, and develop strategies to manage market downturns effectively.


Recap of key points

Today’s top stock market losers highlight significant market declines and provide insights into future trends.

Based on current trends, sectors like energy and retail may continue to face challenges in the near term.

Encouragement for readers to stay informed and proactive

Staying informed about stock market losers and being proactive in monitoring market trends can help investors make strategic decisions and manage risks effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are today’s top stock market losers?

A1: Today’s top stock market losers are the stocks that have shown the most significant price decreases. These are identified based on their percentage losses compared to their previous closing prices.

Q2: How to track stock market losers effectively?

A2: Tracking stock market losers can be done using various financial news websites, stock market apps, and tools like real-time data platforms. These resources provide up-to-date information on the top losers and their performance metrics.

Q3: What factors contribute to a stock becoming a top loser?

A3: Several factors can contribute to a stock becoming a top loser, including negative company news, weak earnings reports, unfavorable economic indicators, market sentiment, and industry-specific challenges.

Q4: Why is it important to monitor stock market losers?

A4: Monitoring stock market losers helps investors identify potential risks, make informed investment decisions, and adjust their portfolios to mitigate losses. It also provides insights into market downturns and overall economic health.

Q5: What tools can I use to access real-time stock market losers data?

A5: There are several tools and platforms available for accessing real-time stock market losers data, including financial news websites, stock market apps, brokerage platforms, and dedicated market analysis tools.

Q6: How can investors use stock market losers data to make informed decisions?

A6: Investors can use stock market losers data to identify potential risks, adjust their portfolios accordingly, and develop strategies to manage market downturns effectively. Analyzing losers can also help in understanding the factors driving market declines and making strategic investment choices.