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Hudson Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:HDSN)

HDSN 1.95
0.00 (0.0%)

Open: 1.93 High: 2.01 Low: 1.91

52WL $0.78

The 52 Week Low is $0.78 set on Tue, May 5, 2020.

52WH $2.12

The 52 Week High is $2.12 set on Fri, Apr 9, 2021.

ATH $27.50

The All-Time High is $27.50 set on Mon, Apr 10, 1995.

52 Week Range

May 5, 2020
Apr 9, 2021

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HDSN Earnings

Q3 Earnings for Jul, Aug & Sep

Thu, Nov 5, 2020

Since Q3 Earnings Report

HDSN 85.7%

Q4 Earnings for Oct, Nov & Dec

Wed, Mar 3, 2021

Since Q4 Earnings Report

HDSN 35.4%

HDSN Profile

Hudson Technologies Inc trades on the NASDAQ. HDSN's market cap is 80.00 Million.

Hudson Technologies Inc is an American industrial products manufacturer. It develops products which are mainly used in commercial air conditioning, processing, and refrigeration systems. The company products include refrigerant and industrial gases, refrigerant management services and RefrigerantSide services, which consist of system decontamination. These are performed at a customer's site using its Zugibeast system, which is a fast and portable system and allows the R-Side services team to accelerate critical services while saving customers time, money and aggravation. The company also owns a web-based real-time monitoring service which is used in the facility's refrigeration systems and other energy systems.


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