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Cactus Inc (NYSE: WHD)

WHD 33.49
0.08 (0.2%)

Open: 33.96 High: 33.96 Low: 32.70


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52WL $16.60

The 52 Week Low is $16.60 set on Wed, Oct 28, 2020. The current price, $33.49, is 101% above the 52 Week Low.

52WH $44.20

The 52 Week High is $44.20 set on Wed, Jun 16, 2021. The current price, $33.49, is 24% below the 52 Week High.

ATH $44.20

The All-Time High is $44.20 set on Wed, Jun 16, 2021. The current price, $33.49, is 24% below the All Time High.

52 Week Range

Oct 28, 2020
Jun 16, 2021

WHD Earnings

Q1 Earnings for Jan, Feb & Mar

Wed, May 5, 2021

Since Q1 Earnings Report

WHD 4.3%

Q2 Earnings for Apr, May & Jun

Wed, Jul 28, 2021

Since Q2 Earnings Report

WHD 9.4%

WHD Profile

Cactus Inc trades on the NYSE. WHD's market cap is 2.6 Billion.

Cactus Inc is primarily engaged in the designing, manufacturing, and sale of wellheads and pressure control equipment. Its principal products include Cactus SafeDrill wellhead systems, frac stacks, zipper manifolds, and production trees. The company also provides mission-critical field services, including service crews to assist with the installation, maintenance, and safe handling of the wellhead and pressure control equipment, as well as repair services for equipment that it sells or rents. It sells or rents its products principally for onshore unconventional oil and gas wells that are utilized during the drilling, completion (including fracturing), and production. It generates most of its revenue through the sale of wellhead systems, rental income, field service and other activities.


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